Fundraising ideas!

So you have decided on your charity and now you want to raise money! As if the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon isn’t enough here are some additional ways to help raise some EXTRA cash!

  • Get your friends and family involved
  • Bonus sponsorship for hitting different milestone times e.g. finish under x     time 
  • Sponsor per mile or per minute 
  • Wearing fancy dress
  • Follow your journey via social media
  • Offer to walk neighbours/friends dog for a fee while training!!
  • Organise lunch time walks – pay as you go!
  • Video training for the event and post to social media
  • Raise money by organising a training group with friends
  • Host a Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon PRE event BBQ
  • Ask for a donation instead of presents
  • Hold an event at your workplace to highlight what you are doing! 
  • Organise fun events with family and friends before the event e.g. egg and spoon race, mini mini marathon around the estate/local area etc. 
  • Ask for sponsorship from local business for your charity
  • Talks and demonstrations – e.g. book readings, cookery demonstrations
  • Sell unwanted gifts or clutter
  • Host a Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon POST event celebration party

 Spread the Word

Social media is a powerful tool to help you raise even more money for your charity by letting people know what you are doing. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to raise the profile of what you are doing and encourage people to donate money to your cause. Some things you can do to help spread the word

  • Share the news when you have entered online
  • Share posts from the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon Facebook and Twitter
  • When training share an update on your social media
  • Post pictures following your training
  • Post videos of your training journey 
  • Set up a fundraising page using online tools
  • Remind people regularly that you are raising money