Media Release March 12th 2015

By vhiadmin, Thursday, 12th March 2015 | 0 comments

The Women’s Mini Marathon Limited has reviewed its policy relating to visually impaired and wheelchair entrants.

To preserve the female character of the event only females can enter. However, we appreciate that some visually impaired or wheelchair entrants need assistance. We have changed our policy in this respect and will welcome both male and female assistants for these entrants. Male assistants will be given a special permit to allow access, while female assistants can either enter the event or receive a special permit.

Kathy Endersen, Deputy CEO said “we have always welcomed visually impaired and wheelchair athletes in the event and do our utmost to facilitate their needs. Sinead Kane participated in our event in 2012 where she came second in the visually impaired category and we look forward to receiving her entry for this year and wish her every success.” 

For further information:

Please contact: The Women’s Mini Marathon Limited (01) 293 0985