Online Fundraising Best Practices...

Everydayhero recently hosted another charity help session: Recruitment and Online Fundraising Best Practices for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon. We were delighted to have over 65 of you on the line with us and we hope you found the session useful. If you missed the discussion you can listen here [].

With only 6 weeks to go until the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, it’s important to encourage your supporters to start their fundraising, and really coach them through the process.

Did you know: Fundraisers who connect their pages to Fitness Apps raise, on average, 46% more than fundraisers who don’t!

Furthermore, don’t miss out on the second part of Everydayhero and Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon Best Practice series. The second part to this help session will be taking place in Early May to help give your fundraising a final boost.

Did you know: On Everydayhero your fundraisers can raise money as a team! Not only does this encourage friendly competition between fundraisers, it also increases their desire to fundraise. Learn how to create a team on Everydayhero here.

You can share the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon fundraising page with your supporters. Or alternatively, you can send them to the everydayhero site, with this link. If your supporters are after some inspiration to get their fundraising started, feel free to share this blog on 10 Tips For Fundraising Success.