Find Your Balance

By vhiadmin, Wednesday, 23rd March 2016 | 0 comments

Motivation can be a challenge for make-up artist Haley Coleman, but after having a gait analysis and being equipped with runners that are perfect for her, she's finding it that bit easier to get out and get training!

She may be one of Ireland's most popular make-up artists and bloggers, but Hayley Coleman admits that she is a novice when it comes to her running career! The Mayo native is looking to change all that however as she prepares to take on her very first Vhi Women's Mini Marathon this June and is hoping to encourage other first timers to join her on her journey.

To give herself the best chance of taking on the challenge Hayley had her Gait Analysis looked at by the knowledgeable staff and she pointed out that came as a revelation.

"It was all really, really new to me. Before this I always just went in to the shop and picked a pair of runners that looked nice! I never really knew anything about the gait analysis or Footbalance. I had heard of it, but I was probably too shy to ask when I went in to the stores.

I learned a lot from it though - I wouldn't have known that my feet were so different, I wouldn't have thought that at all. The guys in there were a great help too, they really know their stuff," she added when she found out she tended to over pronate on her right side." 

Since then though it has helped her to feel more comfortable as she stepped up her training.

"You'd notice it straight away - I went out running in my old trainers recently because the ground was mucky and I didn't want to run my new ones but I definitely noticed a difference almost immediately. There is so much more bounce with the Footbalance insoles, there is way more cushioning and it is completely different now."

"I'm not as fit as I'd like to be but they do make a massive difference from what I can see. The comfort, the support... my feet feel like they are more upright rather than caving in as they used to be. There is so much more support - I feel like I can even run faster!"

With the correct footwear chosen and her gait analysis done, Hayley believes that having a goal - in her case finishing the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon in June - is the best way to ensure you get out there and get training.

"Absolutely - it's like you have someone behind you telling you not to give up and giving up is something I would do! It is pushing me on though and it's giving me a goal, I have a time I would like to do it in and that's what I'm trying to get towards as well. That little thing behind me - I'm telling myself at the moment that I *have* to do it rather than just wanting to do it. I'll try and schedule it into my day and push myself to do it.

I wouldn't be an athlete and I do find it hard to train – to be honest I'm not someone who will say I love exercise. I'd love to sit down and eat a burger and chips everyday, but I know once I do my run I feel better and I'm, achieving something."

I do enjoy it when I get out there, the feeling afterwards, you feel great, and I do love it. I just need a kick at times!!