I'm in safe hands with these two!

By Maeve Higgins, Wednesday, 18th February 2015 | 0 comments

Comedian Maeve Higgins meets her Vhi Women's Mini Marathon mentors

Last week I flew from San Francisco to Dublin for the launch of the 2015 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon. That trip counted as a rest day even though I watched two films on the airplane and one of them was Gone Girl which actually requires a lot of energy. I told Louise Heraghty that my heart was racing as I watched it but she said that still didn’t really count as cardio. I was disappointed that fear and Ben Affleck were not the types of cross training she suggested in her plan, she was thinking more like yoga or hill walking.  But Louise is a personal trainer and she’s designed the training plans on the Vhi WMM 2015 App for all levels of participants. I trust Louise’s advice – she’s in great shape and is highly qualified to tell me what to do! David Gillick, another Vhi Expert, has designed food plans to help us. He is a champion runner although he demurred when I asked him to run upstairs and get more butter to put on the croissants.

I did all the running – it was grand. The longest we have to run is for a minute, then there’s a break. It was week one for beginners - I felt like a total boss and that’s given me confidence to train for week two. I’m pretty slow but I think that’s fine, because I did the times in the plan, and I did it in Sonia O’Sullivan country too - it feels great to be out and running around Cobh.  This week I go back to New York where I’m living and it’s below freezing, so we’ll see what happens next. Hint: I stay inside.