Routine is key to success

By vhiadmin, Wednesday, 23rd March 2016 | 0 comments

Lucy’s preparation is going well and she is feeling motivated about completing the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon. She is really ‘in the zone’ and because she has committed to Team Vhi & Herald her dedication to training is serious. ‘If I hadn’t signed up I don’t think I would be as positive about improving my fitness’.

An important part of any training plan is routine and the great news for Lucy is that she has just started a new job with Meath Local Sports Partnership which means she will have regular 9-5 hours, will feel less tired and will be able to dedicate more time to her running.

The role will also see her out and about more often planning events and not as confined to an office desk.

Currently Lucy is running on her own which she finds enjoyable as not only is she increasing her fitness levels, she is getting some time to herself and can enjoy listening to music. In addition to her own training runs she has also joined a weekly beginners running group in Navan which takes place on Tuesday nights. There are great benefits to group training, you are less likely to drop out, you will be challenged to keep up with the pace, it’s a good social environment and this particular group will focus on running techniques like breathing and good posture.

With Easter looming Lucy isn’t too worried about falling off the wagon and she plans on training over the holiday period. Herself and her partner Conor even took part in a 5k ‘Muck It’ Run in Ballinlough Castle last weekend (as the title suggests full of mud and obstacles!) – proving that fitness can be fun. There are more and more of these types of events popping up around the country and they’re a great way of making exercise more enjoyable.

Lucy is feeling positive about the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon mainly because she already has the 5K under her belt (in the Phoenix Park as part of Operation Transformation) and feels she can only improve from there – a good attitude to have. Her goal is to jog most of the distance but if she has to walk some of it she is not too worried.  

Currently Lucy has no injury concerns and feels good after training. She used to have trouble with her knees but since she lost weight that pain has eased.

She also said that some of the pain was due to wearing the wrong runners in the past

‘Working in a pub for 4 years wearing flat pumps didn’t help either’ says Lucy who has since had gait analysis done in Elverys and has been fitted with the most suitable trainers.

Running can be quite hard on the joints especially if you are carrying extra weight. Some tips to reduce impact would be to run on grass or sand if you are used to running on pavement/road, or to mix non impact exercise into your plan like cycling, swimming or using the cross trainer or stationary bike in the gym.

Aside from following the training plan available on, Lucy enjoys taking part in fitness classes like Boxercise however she doesn’t want to overdo it too much or veer off the plan so she will continue with maybe one class a week.

So it’s all systems go for Lucy who really does seem in the right frame of mind for completing her first 10k run. As her fitness increases week by week, I have no doubt she will smash her goal on June 6th.