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This week, Louise Heraghty, Vhi’s Training Support, caught up with Team Vhi-Herald’s volunteer Karla Bohan to find out how her training preparation is going and what progress she has made since their last catch up in Week 6.

Karla’s goal when we last spoke was to walk up to 7km which she did in a very respectable time of 1 hour, 5 minutes. Motivation riding high, she decided to give the full 10km a try (without any pressure to get a specific time –just to see what it felt like and if she was capable of the distance). She did the 10km in 1 hour 38 minutes. I am delighted with Karla’s dedication. Her original aim was to do the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in 1 hour 30 minutes and, with 7 weeks to go, she feels she can go even quicker than this.  Bear in mind Karla pushes a buggy on her training walks so she’ll definitely be quicker on the day of the race.

Karla has learned the importance of wearing the correct footwear as unfortunately she went for a walk one lunch-time in a pair of flat shoes (that weren’t designed for exercise) and hurt her ankle. After getting fitted for proper trainers in Elverys however, her training is going much better. The Gait Analysis showed that she lands on her heel which was causing ankle pain. The new trainers have cushioning on the heel and this makes a big difference as she can now walk pain free.

Finding the time to train is Karla’s main problem as she is a busy mum of two but she is getting out at least 3 days a week which is great. Her overall mood is better since she started exercising regularly and although Karla had an amazing weight loss of 3 stone in the past 6 months she is now more concerned with maintaining the weight loss as her appetite has certainly increased since she started training. The upside of this is that she is burning more calories as her metabolism will also have increased.

We all know that holidays can be obstacles when it comes to training but it’s important not to let them undo all the good work. For Easter, Karla did an egg hunt with her children but also made sure to get out for a walk as well.

There is plenty of support from her husband, Des, too. He is into running and has completed the Dublin City Marathon in the past.  This is Karla’s ultimate goal and there’s no reason why she can’t aim for it.

Her goal for the next time we check in is to continue with a minimum of 3 training sessions a week and, if possible, to complete 7km in a slightly quicker pace.Each week training and nutrition support will be provided by the Vhi Support Team - David Gillick and Louise Heraghty. Don’t forget to enter online today at, download the Vhi WMM 2015 App and join us on the journey to the start line on June 1st.