Team Vhi-Herald walker Karla gives her last update

By vhiadmin, Monday, 25th May 2015 | 0 comments

This week, Louise Heraghty, Vhi’s Training Support, caught up with Team Vhi-Herald’s volunteer Karla Bohan to find out how her training preparation is going and what progress she has made since their last catch up. You can also read about Karla’s progress in the update section of the 2015 Vhi WMM App.

With one week to go to the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon Karla is in top shape and ready to smash her goal of walking her first 10km. 

Since we last caught up, she has been walking 5km, three times a week. The bad weather hasn’t helped with motivation and she doesn’t find the treadmill as enjoyable as the real thing however Karla isn’t letting this stop her.

We set a goal for Karla to increase her speed and she was finally able to beat her own personal record, walking 5km in just over 43 minutes (a pace of 8 minutes 39 seconds per km). When she found that she couldn’t really walk at a faster pace Karla started to jog and has also introduced some interval training which has seen her walking for 2 minutes and jogging for 1. This will really stand to Karla when she finishes the 2015 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and wants to take her training further.

Karla is really excited about June 1st and uses visualisation to help her keep motivated. Last November she did her first 5km Run in the Dark event in Dublin and felt amazing afterwards “now I can’t imagine how I’ll feel after completing 10km- a year ago I wouldn’t have even dreamed about it!”

I advised Karla that the most important thing, going into the last week of training, is to stay injury free and to therefore rest, reduce the distances she is walking and let her body recover sufficiently between training sessions.

She has been feeling slight knee pain but I think this may be down to the introduction of jogging and the fact that her body isn’t used to impact this can cause to the joints.  I have therefore advised Karla to only jog when she is pain free and to continue using the interval technique.

Karla should be really proud of her hard work and she is looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere on June 1st with the tens of thousands of women participating in this unique event. She doesn’t plan on stopping there though, her next goal is the Dublin Half Marathon and she is signing up for the marathon race series later this year.  I’m delighted with her progress and with the fact that she is planning to build on her training to keep going on her fitness journey.