The Mini Interview Series

By Mary Butler, Tuesday, 27th January 2015 | 0 comments

Mary Butler has flown half way across the world for this event and this week the Mini Interview sat down with this seasoned Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon Veteran,  whose determination through good times and bad ensures that that this race always provides a meaningful goal to work towards.


1.  Why do you run in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon? It's part of my life, something to aim for every year.  I love the excitement and atmosphere in town before the start. One year I flew home from San Francisco a week before the rest of the family so as not to miss it!

2.  How many times have you ran in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon? I've run 29 times and just got around the course the other three years.   In fairness, our third child was only five weeks old one of those three years!

3.  Who are you running on behalf of?  I have run for Crumlin Children's Hospital and for the Parkinson's Association of Ireland.  Also with work colleagues for various charities.  We did it for Motor Neurone Disease when Sports Presenter Colm Murray was ill.

4.  What is the importance of races like the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon for you? It's like life - I do it in the good years and the bad, when there's been family sickness and when there's good health.  

5.  When do you start preparing for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon? I run with Blackrock AC so we usually train that bit harder in the last couple of months leading up to it and the Meet & Train races are good preparation too.

6.  Do you have a pre-race routine? Drink plenty the day before and that morning. Get the DART into town. Meet friends in front of the Shelbourne, then head to the start.

7.  What is your hope for this year’s Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon? Ah, well this may be the year I won't make it to the start line.  My eldest son is getting married to Anna that weekend in Slovenia.

8.  How do you define a ‘successful’ Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon? It used to be running faster than last year.  Now it's running it in forty something minutes.

9.  What do you admire about the people who take part in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon? Their spirit.  Nearly everyone is friendly and cheerful, young and old and they're helping so many charities in every corner of the country.

10. Who do you think is going to win the 2015 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon?If Maria McCambridge is running she'll definitely be up there.  I'd love to see Fionnuala Britton give it a go.