'Training has been empowering and truly eye-opening'

By Alison Curtis, Thursday, 2nd June 2016 | 0 comments

I can’t believe it is so close now, this year’s Vhi Womens Mini Marathon is next week! When I was first asked to take part I thought it was ages away, but here it is upon us. And to be honest I don’t think I feel totally ready.

It is that mindset that if I only had one more week I would run 7 more times and be 7 times better prepared for it. Like craming for an exam, just a bit more time please. But it isn’t true. The truth is that any and all training will stand to us on the day. Because the day is also so much about the lead up to it and all the mini milestones each of us crossed to get to June 6th.

The lead up has for me, and many of you, been an empowering and eye opening experience. I reminded myself that I can do things with this body of mine other than chase around a five year old, clean a house or work. I remembered that I was once pretty fit and what it did for me and my energy and importantly confidence. That I now look forward to getting out for a run rather than dreading it (most days) is an accomplishment in itself. That running hopefully for many of you has been a tipping point to encourage you to do other things in your life that make you happy.

The lead up for many people has resulted in new friendships and more time spent with friends you already have. Think of how much chatting we got done during our training! Think of it as time spent on yourself rather than your partner, kids, siblings or parents 

The lead up has also highlighted a lot of smaller charities and their work across the country and raised funds for so many nobel causes. Fundraising that in many cases is solely relant on the women taking part in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.

So the day itself is going to be amazing because of the lead up and it becomes such a powerful great thing because all these bodies are taking part in the same thing at the same time. It also extends to everyone who will be there supporting a runner on the sidelines. It’s a pretty incredible thing and I am proud to be part of it this year.

So enjoy your last week of training and I will see you on the start line on Baggot Street Dublin next Monday!

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