Safety Points

To help ensure that all participants have a safe and enjoyable day at the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and your nearest exit.
  • Do not leave any bags unattended. There is a free supervised baggage area in the Reunion Area
  • Take note of the terrain you are standing on in case it is wet, slippery, or hazardous etc.
  • Sweat shirts, t-shirts, space blankets and refuse sacks are often discarded before the start and during the race and can create a tripping hazard. If you are discarding items of clothing or such like, ensure they will not cause a problem.
  • Do not climb on any temporary structures, barriers etc.
  • Do not wear bracelets, necklaces other accessories which can easily become tangled.
  • Ensure you take water before and during the race to stay hydrated.
  • The wearing of iPods and Personal Stereos during the race can cause difficulties as they inhibit the hearing of important safety announcements.
  • Always make sure the laces on your shoes are tied properly so you do not trip and fall.
  • By the direction of An Garda Siochana, the use of bicycles, other than official bicycles, on the course during the event is strictly forbidden.            


START: Water will be available at the Start Area, to drink or to top up your water bottle.

Bring a bottle of water with you if you feel you may require water after the Start and before you reach the first water station.

At 3K: On the Stillorgan Road, near the Teresian School.

At 6K: At Nutly Park.

At 8K: Ballsbridge, outside AIB Plaza

FINISH: After the finish line in Baggot Street



There are OMAC First Aid stations located along the route.


Please dispose of your cups and bottles in the bins provided.

Please Note: Banners, flags and other similar items are not permitted. Anyone in possession of such will not be allow access the event.