About Us

Our mission is to organise a world-class event in a safe environment and enable participants to raise much needed funds for charities. We are committed to promoting the development of a healthy lifestyle for women and provide a great 10km event which they can walk, jog or run together to achieve their own personal goals.



The Vhi Women's Mini Marathon, an annual 10k charity road race, occurs each June bank holiday weekend in Dublin and is the largest Women's event of its kind in the world.

In 1983, the inaugural event had 9,000 women entering and the event reached a record attendance in 2014 with 41,006 women taking part. The event has grown in popularity as women have taken more interest in their own health and fitness. A staggering 1.06 million women have entered the event over its 37 years.

Hundreds of charities are also big winners. The women decide themselves which charity they will support and many local causes gain vital funds from the event. It is now the largest one day charity event in the country.


Fun Facts

  • It is the largest all-women’s event of its kind in the world.

  • Since it was first run in 1983, there has been a total entry of over 1 million.

  • An estimated €225m euro has been raised for charity since its beginning in 1983

  • About 25 miles of specially designed ribbon is used for the medals.

  • Numerous bands and dancers provide entertainment to add to the carnival atmosphere of the day.

  • Women of every age and walk of life take part. While the majority would be in the 25 to 45 age brackets, in the 2018 race there were over 370 participants over 70 years of age!

  • The Mini Marathon idea has been copied in several European cities - Liverpool, Glasgow, London and Oslo organise all-women events.

  • Every county in Ireland is represented in the race and most support a favourite charity or cause - just over half the entrants are from Dublin but all 32 counties are well represented.

  • The event is known worldwide - women from a number of countries have joined us (Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Wales, Scotland, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, France, England, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Japan) have all joined in the fun.