Vhi Women's Mini Marathon Ambassadors


Do you love our event? Are you actively involved in a community fitness group? Would you like other women to join us on the day and have the same great experience? If so, we’re looking for 32 WOMEN from 32 COUNTIES- from Cork to Donegal, Galway to Dublin and all those in between to encourage other women to come along on Sunday 2nd June and join the fitness, fundraising and fun. We hope to have one woman representing each county, so if you think this is for you, fill in the form below and send it to us for your chance to be selected for your county! Check out the details below ⬇️ (T&C's apply)

What do you have to do?

  1. You must have completed the Women’s Mini Marathon before, so make sure you tell us when you did it in our application form.

  2. If you are successful, we ask that you sign up 15-20 new women to complete the event in 2019. It’s a phenomenal achievement to take part in a 10k event, and even more so to be the motivating factor for others to join in. DREAM, BELIEVE and you WILL ACHIEVE!

  3. Get Social! We ask that you share both our posts and your own on your social platforms letting people know how you are getting. The good and the bad!

What’s in it for you?

  1. Profile for your cause/charity will be offered on one of our many media channels.

  2. A free entry into the event subject to you meeting the criteria outlined above.

  3. An exclusive Women’s Mini Marathon T Shirt and goodies.

To help you out:

We will email you posters and flyers to use in your local community.

There will be lots of training plans and recipes on our website which you can download or send to your group so they can be well prepared for the day.