Jen Morris on her Mini Marathon Debut

My name is Jen, you may know me as Too Dolly Make Up! I am an online content creator from Clonmel in south Tipperary. Last year I was asked to be part of the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon team, I trained and did the race alongside two amazing ladies Roanna Harding and Hayley Coleman who are also bloggers.

Seeing as I wouldn’t exactly call myself ‘Athletic’ I was a little apprehensive at first. I was really lost as to where I should even start, that’s when I discovered the training plans on the VHIWMM site.  They literally had everything covered from what to wear, what to eat and most importantly how to go from couch potato to galloping gazelle. I used these training plans too in the lead up to the event and that really helped!

I was kind of obsessed with my fitness levels leading up to the race. On the day of the event I realised that the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is about much more than just a race. I know describing the atmosphere as electric is so cliché, but it was. There were women of all ages, races, religions, shapes and sizes. All there to take part in this amazing event. Some were taking part for Charity, others for sport, no matter what their reason though everyone was in amazing spirits.

While we were waiting to start the race, it was like a huge street party. Everyone was having the time of their lives. The music was blasting, and everyone was dancing and laughing, this continued all through the race with entertainment at every KM marker! I felt like I was part of a huge community.

Jen at 9km.jpg


Crossing the finish line was such an amazing feeling, I never thought that I would be capable of finishing a 1KM race let alone 10KM race and I am so excited for this year to take part again.

I have definitely learned from some of my mistakes, mistakes I will not be making this year! The day before the race I decided to buy myself new socks, I would soon find out this was a major mistake!! The socks that I bought were a little too thick and rough, so by 8KM I has a blister on both ankles that I can only describe as an open wound (far from Ideal) The best thing to do is make sure that all of the gear you are wearing from head to toe is gear that is well broken in and comfortable.

Other than that, my experience was perfect, it was so fun and really rewarding!

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Speak Soon,



Triona Driscoll