My name is Aoife Curran and I am doing the mini marathon to raise funds for CMRF Crumlin. I have chosen this charity because as a mother to a 3-year-old son, the first name for medical care that always comes to mind is Crumlin. I have visited Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital with my son in the past, thankfully for nothing serious and the care Oliver received was second to none. So, because CMRF Crumlin, is one of Irelands leading Children’s Medical Charities, I didn’t think twice about my choice of charity to do the mini marathon for.


Every parent wants their child to be happy and when they are ill, they always want to make them better and would happily take the illness ourselves. I can only imagine the frustration of having a very unwell child who requires a prolonged stay in hospital especially while waiting on a diagnosis of their child’s illness. I think children should be given the best possible opportunity for a healthy and happy life and breakthroughs in research can be a real shining light for children and parents. I believe every sick child deserves a diagnosis and the best possible outcome. Research definitely brings hope to people and creates understanding of how disease works and if we understand it, we can learn how to fight and cure it.


I have set myself a challenge this year for the marathon, as I am a member of the Defence Forces, my plan is to run the Women’s Mini Marathon wearing full combat equipment carrying a weight equivalent to a young child on my back. If I can even contribute in a small way towards making this a reality for just one child/family then the small amount of work I am putting in will be well worth it.


This is why I believe raising as much funds and awareness for CMRF Crumlin, today’s illness will hopefully be tomorrows cure!!


I have set up a fundraising page on the CMRF website - if anyone would like to sponsor me.

Triona Driscoll