INTERSPORT Elverys is Supporting Women

If you’ve decided to run or walk the 10km Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, congratulations! So as soon as you have submitted your entry form, it’s important to get the right gear because if you’re wearing the right apparel, you will perform better and should enjoy trying it out too!


Intersport Elverys is the best place to start looking for the right sports gear, whether you are a walker, a jogger or an experienced runner, you will be sure to find the latest trends and technology when it comes to sports clothing and footwear. Intersport Elverys advisors are highly trained and will be able to advise you on what you will need to get started.


When training, you should wear a sports bra. No matter what size your bust is, every woman needs to wear a sports bar to give support i.e. minimise bounce whilst giving you full range of motion thus enhancing your run or workout. There’s simply no excuse. Sports bras are around for 40 years now and Nike is leading the way in innovation.


Understanding that training and athletes’ needs are more diverse and demanding than ever, Nike’s new hyper-adaptive bra adjusts to the support an athlete needs, when she needs it — while being super comfortable. In other words: It’s one bra that works for every workout.


It’s called the Nike Motion Adapt Bra, and, at a glance, it may look like a basic sports bra. But inside, a hidden technology is at play: The interior of the bra features a brand new adaptive material composed of a unique foam and polymer hybrid that stretches at rest to form to your body and locks out when it senses impact.


Don’t worry if you’re unsure about what size and style to buy! Our sports advisors are trained on all products and fits and can simply convert your normal bra size and recommend the most appropriate style and size to best suit your needs and budget.


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Intersport Elverys is the destination for everyday athletes. As proud partner to Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and parkrun, we have everything you need to train for a 5k or 10k, including a range of more than 50 sports bras from the world’s leading brands.


INTERSPORT Elverys will again this year, be on hand with practical tips and expert advice on what you need from head to toe, as well as hosting 5 of the collection days across Ireland.


In the meantime, you can connect with us on, on Twitter @elverys, and on to be the first to hear about more exclusive offers, exciting events and competitions to celebrate our involvement in this truly unique event!


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Triona Driscoll