#Sisterhood - Gwen Kenny - Sligo - for Bereavement Suite for the The Coombe

In 2009 we welcomed 12.lbs of gorgeousness into the world. What we didn’t know was our precious son, Rian had contracted E.coli in the hospital where he was born and would get very sick, very fast.

He was transferred to The Coombe, where the staff did everything possible to save his life. They even organised a helicopter to Scotland, to get Rian on a special machine. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worse and never went on the trip. He passed away the following morning in his Dad’s arms.

We spent 5 nights in a Bereavement Suite as we couldn’t leave until the infection was identified & I had it too. The Bereavement Suites are a sanctuary for a family experiencing the most devastating thing, the death of a child. Both of us have experienced our fair share of death, including both sets of parents, but this was pain on a level incomparable to anything else, a pain no one should ever feel. The staff were so supportive, caring and utterly incredible. In the whole time we were there we never heard or saw another baby, that’s some achievement in a maternity hospital!

We subsequently went on to have our third son in the Coombe, and the care & support we got was remarkable.

Why are we fundraising now? The Coombe are building three bereavement suites and we want to help,(the Galway Cycle are also helping) and any money left over from the suites will go to much needed machines. So the more the better!
Myself and lots of wonderful ladies, are raising money as part of #TeamRian, by our participation in VHI Women's Mini Marathon 2018. 



Triona Driscoll