#Sisterhood - Trish Hearne - Waterford for Jack and Jill foundation

Hi. My name is Trish Hearne and I am based in Waterford city. Every year I represent "The Jack and Jill children's foundation". About 5 years ago I heard "Johnathan Irwin" the founder of the charity talking about he's little boy "Jack" who was born with a life limiting condition. The was no services available to care for their son at home amongst he's family. So they decided to set up the charity themselves. I was in awe of this couple, they were driven to the brink but instead they used the opportunity to help others. And I thought to myself "if they can do this amazing thing for others, the least I can do is help them". 

So every year I don my orange tee-shirt, I hit the pavement weeks in advance. Pushed forward by the thoughts of those families that I am trying to lighten the load of. 

As I watch all these wonderful woman coming together with a common goal of remembrance, celebration and fundraising, I am proud to be among them. 

Yours Trish Hearne

Triona Driscoll