At Intersport Elverys, we want you to enjoy a blissful run – not a blister-run so here are some helpful tips on blister prevention for would-be runners.


Blisters are like the proverbial fly on the wall: tiny, but really annoying! These small yet irritating visitors are caused by friction created when your skin rubs against your shoes or socks. But do not fret! There are ways to prevent these tiny nuisances so you can continue running pain-free.


How can I prevent blisters as a runner? 

There are generally two causes:

  1. Friction
  2. Wet feet

Keep the blisters at bay with these simple steps:

Choose socks and running shoes that fit: wear ergonomic socks along with a pair of running shoes that leave about a thumbs-width of space between your toes and the shoe’s toe box. Make sure that your entire foot and all your toes have enough space.


Moisturise, powder, protect: coat your feet with petroleum jelly, a lubricant or absorbing powder before longer runs. Padded tapes and bandages on susceptible areas are also a great option for creating a protective shield between your skin and sock.



The Experts Choice: Choosing the right running shoe:

A running shoe has to be comfortable to run in. The latest running innovation from Nike, the Epic React Flyknit firmly ticks that box. This lightweight runner is an all-rounder that can take on every workout you can throw at it. From the weekly 5K to the upcoming half-marathon, you should be able to rely on these as your daily go-to in training and ensure your feet remain blister-free.

They are designed to soften the impact of each stride, so the Nike Epic React Flyknit was constructed with flexibility and breathability in mind.


The staff at Intersport Elverys recently put them to the test through 5km, 10km runs on footpath, treadmill and trails.

The verdict?

They passed the comfort test with flying colours. As good over a steady 5km as they are on the longer marathon training runs, these are a great choice for a pair of go-to everyday running shoes.

You can shop the latest Nike React range in-store at Intersport Elverys or online at Happy (and comfortable) running!

Triona Driscoll