#WomenwithImpact - AnneMarie, Co. Donegal

I am Anne Marie Meehan from Mountcharles, Co.Donegal & have been nominated to represent Donegal as an ambassador at the VhiWMM 2019 by our local Donegal Town Women’s Group.


I am married to Danny and have two adult children - Patrick (30) lives in Donegal & Delia (25) lives in Toronto, Canada.  I work in Donegal Family Resource Centre, Donegal Town for the past 10 years and enjoy my work everyday as I meet new challenges in trying to support individuals and families in my local community.


2019 will be my 3rd mini-marathon and I am overwhelmed to have been chosen as an ambassador.  Being 7 stone heavier in the past, had bruised my confidence and I always admired people who did the mini-marathon from a distance.  I was envious of people who could don a high-vis jacket and go out training locally.  I was unable, physically, to do this and promised myself when I reduced my weight I would complete the women's mini-marathon. I cannot put into words the sense of elation and personal achievement I experienced crossing that finish line in 2017.  I received a medal, and like a small child being so proud, I wore it to work for a week.  I did draw the line at wearing it to bed. 


The charity I have chosen is the Children's counselling service of Donegal Family Resource Centre.  In my work environment I see first-hand the local need in the community, the reduced resources leave a shortfall in funding and in the words of Nelson Mandela, 'Children are our greatest treasure , they are our future'.



I am embarking on recruiting buddies (family & friends) to join me on this mission.  I am a Weight Watcher and member of our local woman’s group and am starting an evening walking group in town to embark on a training regime in preparation for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon. I have made small changes to my nutrition and food behaviour and look forward to encouraging others through gentle activity and increasing our levels in preparedness for the mini-marathon.  Come along and join me.  I have a return bus booked for Sunday 2nd June, ring the number below to book your seat.


I invite anybody who would like to come join me in Training on Monday & Wednesday evenings at 5.30pm at Donegal FRC, Upper Main St, Donegal Town to come join me.  Ring 0749725337 if you have any questions.





Triona Driscoll