#WomenwithImpact - Bernice, Co. Offaly

Hi I’m a 46 year old Mum of three. I live just outside Tullamore in Rahan. Hopefully this will be my 10th year in a row to complete the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.


I have done it at least 5 more times but intermittently, life and kids - the joys, but I’m determined to try and run it this year with the help of my friends who are always there to support and push me along especially when I find it hard.



I’ve a great bunch of ladies that have done with me for a number of years; as we say any excuse for a day out.  I have been doing it for my local dyslexia group (Offaly dyslexia group) who are very close to my heart as my daughter is dyslexic. A great bunch of parents run the group whom I am very proud to call my friends.


My advice would be ‘ladies enjoy the day whether your walking running and towards the end I’m sure a few of us will be crawling... we are Mums sisters friends that all come together for a few hours to raise money for the charity of our choice or to just prove to ourselves that we can do it ... to even turn up is an accomplishment’.. Best of luck to everyone and remember encouragement to the person beside you. You might not think much of it but to that person you’ve just encouraged might just get them over the finish line !

Triona Driscoll