#WomenwithImpact - Mairead, Co. Clare

My name is Mairead Lavery.  I walked the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon last year 2018 for the first time ever. I always wanted to do it but could never find the courage to sign up.

My daughter Maureen passed away from Cancer in January 2012 she fought a very brave battle and we are all so proud of her  she actually ran the Mini Marathon the year before she was diagnosed..

I have done many charity events and raised a lot of money over the years for cancer in memory of Maureen.

I now work for The National Council for the Blind Ireland (NCBI) as a charity shop manager.  100% of the money generated from the shop goes to services for the blind.

I did not realise the work the NCBI do for young and old with sight difficulties..

I have given some information on the charity below which will help you know about the NCBI.

I will be raising funds for The NCBI.


The National Council for the Blind:

NCBI (National Council for the Blind Ireland) is the national sight loss agency. We are a not for profit charity, which offers support and services to people of all ages who are experiencing difficulties with their eyesight.

• We provide a service to over 8,000 people every year. 2,000 of whom we are seeing for the first time.

• Almost 95% of the people who access our services every year have some degree of useful vision while less than 5% are blind.

• With an ageing population, the number of people needing to access our services is increasing by 12 per cent each year.

NCBI offers community based services to help people to adapt to sight loss and maintain their independence. These services include emotional support to the individual experiencing loss of vision and to their families, advice and information on all aspects of vision loss as well as practical support and solutions to the challenges encountered by people with vision loss. Our services are offered to people of all ages.

We help people to make the most of their useful vision, live independently, assist with employment issues and help develop new skills.  We help to increase awareness about sight loss issues.

We have over 160 staff who deliver our services and are supported by a team of dedicated volunteers throughout the country. NCBI’s Board of Directors is responsible for the total service of the organisation.

For more information on the services provided by NCBI click here –


Email us: info@ncbi.ie

Whitworth Road
Dublin 9

Phone: (01) 830 7033


Mairead’s Daughter Maureen, who completed the event in 2011 before she became ill.

Mairead’s Daughter Maureen, who completed the event in 2011 before she became ill.

Triona Driscoll