#WomenwithImpact - Beta Bajgart

This year the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is celebrating #WomenwithImpact.  Women with impact recognises the women who take part in the race, who have made an impact on a personal level, in their local community or county or even at national level. We will be introducing you to a fantastic team of ambassadors from all over Ireland, who will be recruiting a team of local women to take part in the event with them.  We celebrate these women and their successes and are delighted to share their stories with you.


We will be profiling some of these women over the coming weeks, sharing their stories though our blogs posts, social media take overs and in the Herald.


We will be doing this with the help of the very talented Dublin based photographer Beta Bajgart (https://www.betaphotographer.com/). Beta has travelled all over the country to photograph some of these women in their respective counties, and her photography will be used to celebrate these #WomenwithImpact over the next three months in the build-up to Race Day.

Beta and Karina.JPG


Triona Driscoll