#WomenwithImpact - Amy, Co. Westmeath

Hello Folks.


Amy O’Connor here, Vhi Womens Mini Marathon Westmeath Ambassador. It's an honour to be chosen to help get #Westmeath out and going.


I've been taking part in the WMM for many years now, all for different reasons but mostly to create awareness about a cause. I believe that every little bit helps everyone and that the small things matter.  In my job in the Defence Forces we were taught to watch the little things because that's what masked something very special and noticeable. 


Now that I'm a retired DF veteran mum, I get to share my learning and knowledge with other women. This year my motivation is to help women #doitforthemselves #stepup and #putonefootinfrontoftheother. 


I currently work as general manager with Dún Na Sí Amenity & Heritage Park in Moate Co.Westmeath.  My place in the park has given me the opportunity to help others open doors for themselves into a new world of “doing it for themselves" and the importance of health and fitness.  


My background has always been in sports but my experience in sport really kicked into play a number of years ago when I relied on running and swimming to get me through some tough times. Being able to get out for a swim would do great things for my head space and make me feel so so much better about myself and what was found on around me.


This year I have a bigger opportunity to help other women from couch to the ever ready bunny to have the chance of getting out and join over 40,000 others on 2nd June. 

I'll be putting walking /running groups together for those who wish to start with us, provide bus for the day to Dublin and watch this space for tips and more motivation. Find your cause and join me in the park.



Triona Driscoll