Frequently asked questions 


What is the Early Entry Offering?

Early entry to 2019 event is for a limited time only. Verification times for 75 mins and under must be submitted by 30th June 2018.

Is there somewhere to leave a bag?

Bag drop will be at Merrion Square South. Belongings in a clear plastic bag can be left at the bag drop area entirely at owner’s risk. Contents must be clearly visible. These may be subject to search. Clear plastic bags will be available at number collections if needed. Only small handbags (Max A4 size) will be allowed into the event. These will be subject to search. The Safety of all our participants remains our primary focus.

When do entries open for the event?

Entries will open 7th Mar at 11am

What date is the event taking place?

Bank Holiday Sunday, 3rd June 2018 at 2pm.

What distance is the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon?

The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is a 10 kilometre event.

What time does the event start?

The event starts at 2pm sharp.

How do I enter?

All participants must enter either on the official Entry Form which will appear in The Herald every Wednesday and Saturday or online from 7th March 2018 at 11am. Go to and click on the Enter Here button at the top of the page.

How much does it cost to enter?

€23 entry fee including processing.

What is the minimum age to enter the event?

The minimum age to enter the event is 14 years of age. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate and start in the under 60 minute wave. (This is an AAI ruling).

When is the closing date for entry?

Entries will close on the 18th May 2018 or when maximum number of entries is reached.

What is the Expected Finish Time?

The Expected Finish Time is the time you think it will take you to complete the Women's Mini Marathon. Please make sure you select the time that applies to you. The default is 1 hour 30 minutes. If you think it will take you more or less time, please change the time to what suits you best. You must be over 18 years of age to enter an Expected Finish Time of 60 minutes or less.

What are the waves for this event?

Waves are based on timing and ability. This year participants will be asked for their Expected Finish Time in order to include them in the most appropriate wave. There is a category for those with visual impairment. For safety reasons these participants commence the race ahead of the first wave.

What are the qualification requirements?

Only women who expect to finish the 10km distance in 75mins or under will require a qualifying time. If you have completed the race in 2018 or 2017, you will automatically be verified if your Expected Finish Time is the same as 2018 or 2017, and your name and date of birth match your previous result.

If you need to submit a qualification time, please go to and click on Manage My Booking at the bottom of the page. In Manage my Booking you will see three options for submitting a qualification time.

You can use a time of 30 minutes or under from a parkrun or another 5k to enter the 75 minute wave. You will need a time from a 10k race of 60 minutes or under to enter the 60 minute wave. Race times must be from a race within the last two years. We cannot accept race times from Garmin, Fitbit or any other types of watches.

All qualification times must be submitted before 30th June 2018. If you do not submit a time by this date, your Expected Finish Time will default to 1 hours 31 minutes.

How do I enter a group?

You can enter 25 people using the Online Entry System. For groups larger than 25 people, you can either enter them in batches of 25 or else contact the office on 01 2930984 and we can help you.

Will I receive a race bag?

You will receive your race bag when you complete the race, after the Finish Line.

Can I bring backpacks/flags/banners/etc. with me in the race?

No flags, banners, poles, etc. are permitted in the race. Any such items will be removed by event staff.

Are buggies, pushchairs, prams, scooters, motorised vehicles, baby carriers / slings, dogs or pets of any kind permitted in the race?

None of the above are permitted. You will not be allowed to enter the race if you have any of the above.

What happens if I don't have my confirmation letter?

If you submitted a Herald Entry Form by post, you should have received a Confirmation Email (if you provided an email address), or a Confirmation Letter by post. If you have any problem with your confirmation letter contact the office on 01 2930984 or visit the HELP DESK when collecting your number.

For online entrants the barcode is part of the second email sent in May. If you do not have this email, please go to Click on the ‘Manage My Booking’ button at the bottom of the page, enter your login details and press Resend Email.

Can I have my confirmation email resent?

If you need to have your email resent please go to and click on ‘Manage My Booking’ at the bottom of the page, enter your login details and press Resend Email.

How do I collect my Race Number?

You will need to bring the email containing your barcode to one of the Race Number Collection Venues. The collection venues, dates and times are under Event Info, Race Number Collection Venues.

Can I have my number posted to me?

The postage options was a limited offer which proved to be very popular. It is now sold out. Please remember to collect your race number from one of our race number collection venues. You will need your race number to be permitted entry to the race.

Can I collect my race number on race day?

There is no race number collection on race day. If you selected the postage option, your race number will be posted out to you closer to the event. If you selected a race number collection venue, you must collect your race number at the venue. If you do not have your race number on you on race day, you will not be permitted entry to the race.

Do I have to raise money for charity?

There is no obligation to raise money for charity. Many participants use this event to fundraise for their favourite charity but it is not necessary to fundraise to participate in the event.

How do I get sponsorship cards?

You must contact your chosen charity directly to get sponsorship cards and/or charity packs.

Can I get my medal engraved?

Yes, you can prepay for medal engraving online with your entry. The prepaid cost is €6.50. medal engraving will be available on race day in the Reunion area.The cost on race day will be €8.

How much does medal engraving cost?

You can prepay for medal engraving online with your entry. The prepaid cost is €6.50. The cost on race day will be €8.

Where can I park?

We strongly encourage participants to use public transportation as you have to pay and display for on-street parking in most places on a Sunday. If you do need to drive, we recommend you park in a public car park provided by the city.

Are men permitted to enter this event?

No. The Vhi Women's Mini Marathon is a FEMALE ONLY event and we ask all participants to respect this please.

How can I manage my booking?

Go to and click on ‘Manage My Booking'at the bottom of the page and enter your login details. From here, you can submit qualification times, resend your Confirmation Email, print barcodes, etc.