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The "Fitness Experts" are a group brought together by Intersport Elverys to give training advice and guidance to the people who are trying to stay fit and healthy. They take a positive approach to helping people achieve their maximum potential in their chosen field of sport. Whether your goal is to walk, jog or run the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, our Fitness Experts are there to give you the advice you need to achieve your goal.

The Fitness Experts are taking on that mantle right here, by providing you with their own Expert Training Tips in the build up to the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon. Check out Cure is Worse than Prevention  Warm Up, Footwear, Sports Bras, Apparel for All Weather 

Intersport Elverys provide their customers with the best sporting advice, through their team of in store Fitness Experts, who ensure that you are as well prepared as you can be in your sporting life. For more information see