Vhi Wall of Support

Completing 10km is a huge achievement for anyone and a helping hand or friendly cheer is a welcome boost no matter what your level. That’s why just before the 7km mark, when you need it the most, Vhi is going to make sure that instead of hitting the wall, you hit a wall of support!

We’re calling on everyone – participants and supporters – to send a personal message of support to help their mums, sisters, daughters and friends to cross the finish line! The message will then be displayed on Vhi’s huge wall of support.


How do I post a support message?

You’ll get your race number at one of the countrywide collection points (click here for details). Take a picture of it and post it on your social media asking your family, friends and supporters to visit vhiwallofsupport.ie where they can leave their message and help give you that extra boost on race day!

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