A lone runner no more

By Alison Curtis, Wednesday, 27th April 2016 | 0 comments

Alison Curtis recently discovered that runnong alongside a partner has a couple of advantages....

Since I began my training for this year’s Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in February I developed a bit of a running routine. I found mid-morning after the school drop off and before lunch a good time to head out the door. For me it means I can take a little longer and I am still fuelled up from breakfast. I have also chosen to run solo. I just assumed that this is the easiest way to go, as you set your own pace, choose your own time of day to run and your own route to go.

But a recent conversation with a listener on my show Saturday Breakfast got me thinking about what running with a partner or in a group would be like. Again I just thought  I wouldn't like it because I felt you would have to keep pace with a bunch of different people with different fitness levels. Also I wouldn't trust myself not to talk the whole way through! But this listener, who is also training for the mini marathon, told me she had gotten into running because of a local group of women who invited her out to join them. She said she felt she would never have started running on her own and very much credits this group of ladies with helping her not only get fit but to make lifelong friends. So that conversation got me thinking about approaching training with other people.

Last week I went for my first run with a partner. At first we chatted and giggled a lot, which in itself made the running a bit more challenging. We kept saying how come we are out of breath but it was obviously the combo of running and talking. But after a short while we got into a joint running pace. It helped that we are of similar fitness levels, but I genuinely feel it also kept us going for longer and we covered more ground together. Maybe without even saying it, we pushed a bit harder as neither of us wanted to be the first to stop.

So I think going forward for the remaining of the training weeks left to the big event in June, I will mix it up a little! Train some days on my own and other times ask my running buddy to join me. Either way you choose to train, I wish you the best of luck and encourage you to do whatever works best for you.

Until next week, happy running!