Alison Curtis from Today FM overcoming nerves

By vhiadmin, Wednesday, 24th May 2017 | 0 comments

Two weekends ago David Gillick was on my show Saturday Breakfast and he imparted a good few words of wisdom but most importantly, words of reassurance. I think as we approach the big day nerves start settling in, I certainly know that they are for me.

Nerves and doubts. I am thinking that I haven't done enough training, I haven’t pushed myself hard enough and that I am simply not ready. But David’s words really helped. First of all he said the important ones “that there is still time.” That there is still time to get your fitness level up a bit more so that you will enjoy the actual day more. That there is still time to push yourself too. What he suggested was interval training. By that he meant that if you are running 5k comfortably but want to improve your endurance and strength to complete the second 5k you should do interval training. So run a kilometre but try and beat your current time for running that 1k. Then walk for 1-2 minutes and run another 1k at a good pace. 


So after the show that afternoon I took on David’s advice and went for a run, keeping my pace and time for the first 5k and then interval training for a further 2k. And that is where I am at with 4 weeks to go. So I am not comfortably running 10k but I am going to build up a few more kilometres in there so that I actually enjoy June 5th and not stress about it. 


Something else I was thinking about during the runs over the past few days is reminding myself that the Women’s Mini Marathon is about so much more. It is about the good that you are doing for your physical and mental health by simply training in the lead up. It is about the amazing fundraising that thousands and thousands of women have been doing over the past few months. And, this is going to sound corny, it is about the new friendships that have been forming in the lead up to the big event too by women setting up running groups to help with training. I have been getting so many messages into the show and through email about running groups starting up across the country and the progress they have all been making. It has been really lovely to hear about. 


So yes we are in the final stretch. And yes I am going to up my training and push myself a bit more. But while doing this I am going to keep in the back of my mind that this is all part of a greater good! And I hope that you all do the same for that is what is unique about the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon it is about so much more than the one day.