And they’re off for 2017!

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At Nissan, we’re extremely excited to again be associated with what is a hugely popular event in the yearly calendar and are looking forward to burning some rubber – pun intended - in the build-up to the 2017 race which we hope will be a huge success.

At Nissan, innovation is at the heart of everything we do.  Innovation helps us to re-think the ordinary, push the boundaries, exceed expectations and anticipate the needs of an ever-changing world so we can deliver innovative and exciting products at affordable prices. This year, more than ever, we hope we deliver not only innovation to the race but a revolution – a revolution in the form of the all new Nissan Micra.



No doubt that this year, like year’s past, you will see plenty of Nissan vehicles busying around on the day of the race and some may catch your eye. There should be one that stands out above others and that, is the all new Nissan Micra. “Why?” we can hear you say; “it’s just a Micra!” For those of you who don’t know, the all new Nissan Micra has been completely transformed from what you know, into a level of excitement that its competitor will be in awe of. Simply put, the new Micra is nothing that you could have imagined a Micra could look like (and we’re still very proud of the Micras that came before it). And we want to give one away in association with the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, to one lucky participant of the race who enters before April 1st 2017, so there’s an added reason to get those forms filled in good and early.


Apart from the completely new design, the all new Micra comes with a number of innovative features which you’d expect to see on any Nissan vehicle but it doesn’t stop there. It now features the exclusive BOSE Personal Audio system which is a WORLD first and only available on the new Micra.


On top of that, you can personalise the all new Micra to a colour combination that suits your personality with over 60 combinations – inside and out!


All of this and you could be the envy of all your friends being that you will be one of the first, IF NOT the very first, to own a new Micra on Irish roads! We may even ask you for an interview!


All in all, the all new Micra is the perfect fit to take centre stage at this year’s Women’s Mini Marathon for one lucky entrant. And don’t forget, that every single person that enters the Vhi Women’s Mini-Marathon between today and April 1st is entered into a draw to win the brand new Nissan Micra (NOPE - it’s not just for the winner!) So every one of you who has registered to walk, jog, run or sprint on June 5th 2017, has an equal chance of driving home after the race in a brand new car. Wouldn’t that be a nice end to the day! Be one of the first in Ireland to sign up to the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathan as well as being one of the first to own the all new Nissan Micra! A double whammy!


Check out to familiarise yourself with this year’s fantastic prize!


Be sure to follow us at the Nissan Ireland Facebook page and tweet us @NissanIreland to follow our news around the Women’s Mini Marathon. We will also have some great prizes leading up to the race day which will start very soon – so keep a keen eye.


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