Beautifully Natural

By vhiadmin, Wednesday, 17th February 2016 | 0 comments

In the first of her series of beauty columns for this year's Vhi Women's Mini Marathon participants, Sue Conley shares some tips on how to minimize your makeup

Congratulations on preparing for the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon! I'll be offering tips and tricks to help you along your training journey, with the goal of enhancing your beauty wellbeing while you work towards your goal.

First off the mark, let's talk barefaced beauty. It's still figuring largely on the catwalks this spring/summer 2016, but as we all know, there's still some product involved. The last thing you want to worry about when you're training is messing about with a massive makeup regimen... but there are still ways in which you can 'put your face on'.

“Beautiful brows are key for barefaced beauty!” says Claudine King, of Claudine King Brows and Beauty. “If the brows are naturally healthy and not over plucked or waxed they will keep your facial features soft, fresh and youthful.” Claudine uses threading to create the perfect shape for your face — if you're still waxing, you may like to check out this technique instead, as it causes less stress on the delicate skin around the eye area. She's the best threader I've ever come across: there was no pain at all, and my arch is to die for.

BB creams are terrific for refining the complexion if you'd prefer to skip the foundation. Vichy's Ideal Soleil SPF 50 gives excellent yet lightweight coverage; those who suffer with rosacea for example may like Bioderma's Sensibio Anti-Redness BB Cream (€17.50). If you'd prefer something without a tint, then Dermalogica's new Hydrablur (€48) is pure magic. It's my new go-to for No Foundation Days, as it mattifies without drying and it moisturises too.

Finally, if you can't bear to be without a hint of colour and glow, try a lip and cheek stain and a touch of strobing. I like that the stain does double duty, and The Body Shop's (€17) is a good one to try. Strobing uses a highlighting product on the areas of your face that light naturally hits — like your brow bones, nose and chin. NYX Liquid Illuminator (€11), gives you a healthy glow that's just going to enhance all the good work you're doing in training!

Claudine King Brows and Beauty, 22 William St S, Dublin 2