'Confidence and Motivation are finally growing'

By Alison Curtis Today FM, Thursday, 14th April 2016 | 0 comments

This week I have found it all much easier. I have found running has finally become part of my routine and less about needing to movtivate myself to get out the door. I find the actual running easier and I can go further and want to go further. I also find the cool down and the rest of the day easier as in I am no longer needing to spend some recovery time flaking on the couch on twitter.

This I would call progress! I think the fact that you can see a weekly improvement for many of us is the inspiration we need to keep training and to grow to enjoy it. I also believe this progress has had an impact on my overall confidence and I was thinking about this on my last run. Proving to yourself that your body is capable of more than you thought it was is really empowering. I knew this in my 20’s and early 30’s when I was a regular at a gym. But since having my daughter and getting that little bit older I forgot that this body of mine can do more than clean a house and chase after a nearly 5 year old. It can run too and it is getting better, much better, at it.

I passed a place on my run the other day that I use to walk with my daughter after she was born. I remember this one particular spot because around the time she was two months old I had to stop my walk and sit. I was totally wrecked and in bits from a cesarean section along with just the emotional shock of becoming a mom to be honest. I remember thinking that day, “man alive this girl isn’t what she use to be.” I was always pretty fit and certainly energetic. But after her arrival, I wasn’t the same. And I really think it has taken this long and my involvement with this year’s VHI Women’s Mini Marathon to “get this girl back to what she use to be.” And I am positive this is the same for many of you reading this article. And even realizing this idea that we are capable of so much more than we thought we were and that running can help some of us with this, I call progress!

Wishing you the best of luck with this week’s training as we get closer to the big event on June 6th! 

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