High hopes for Team Vhi/Herald

By vhiadmin, Friday, 18th March 2016 | 0 comments

Fresh from her success as a leader on RTE’s Operation Transformation, 24 year old Lucy Dillon from Clonmellon Co Westmeath is committing to taking her fitness to another level and has set a goal to run the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon for the first time as part of Team Vhi & Herald.

Lucy has walked the event before but has never jogged it and that is her aim for 2016.

Throughout her time on the television show, Lucy was taking part in her local ParkRun and managed to complete the final Operation Transformation 5k in the Phoenix Park in an impressive time of 32 minutes which she was delighted with. “ I managed to control my breathing throughout the run, I used to have difficulty with it and found I was breathing heavily but now I notice a huge difference” says Lucy who is aiming to train around 3 times a week in the run up to June 6th and is following the plan online .

Although Lucy played Gaelic Football and was fairly active in her younger years, she felt the extra weight held her back but now after having shed an amazing 1st 10.5 lbs she is finding the training easier as there is less impact on her knees and she can run faster.

In order to motivate herself, Lucy will be setting up a group and hopes to get a team together to join her in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, she will post the times and locations she will train on her Facebook Page (so if you’re in the area make sure to join in!). She is running for The Irish Cancer Society in memory of her mother Therese who sadly passed away.

Being an Operation Transformation leader certainly changed Lucy’s lifestyle for the better and even though she is still committed to keeping it up she feels a little less pressure with the cameras not following her around! So for the next few weeks she will continue with training and I have advised her to gradually increase the distance, even by 500 metres each session.

The second member of Team Vhi & Herald is 16 year old Niamh Bennett a Transition year Student at Muckross Park College, Donnybrook in Dublin.

Niamh has decided to take part for the first time along with some of her classmates and wants to get fitter as the summer months approach.

Her training currently consists of spinning classes – a great way to increase cardio fitness and as it is a non impact exercises it’s a good way to prevent injury.

Niamh has started running but is pacing herself so runs a short distance then walks and continues this way around a course. This type of interval training is ideal for anyone starting off and who aims to build up to a steady jog.

Niamh played some sports including football up until about a year ago but now is using the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon as a goal to get fit.

So I have advised Niamh to keep up what she is doing and gradually increase her duration on the training jogs.

For the first time we have two sisters on Team Vhi & Herald, Lisa & Annmarie Boon from Irishtown in Dublin. The girls are taking part in memory of their mum Dolores who passed away two years ago.  The girls are no strangers to the event and have walked it many times in the past but this year they hope to try and jog most of it.

Training is going well so far and the girls get out for a brisk walk almost every night around the Ringsend and Sandymount areas. “We have to walk Annmarie’s dog so we have no choice, it’s a good incentive to keep fit anyway” says Lisa who completed last year’s 10k in 1hr 20 minutes, Annmarie was quicker though as she went off on her own. This year the siblings will run together and hope to improve their time.

They have no injury worries or concerns at the moment so will keep up the training and will aim to increase pace over the coming weeks.