I finally got that craving to run

By Alison Curtis, Friday, 6th May 2016 | 0 comments

In the past when I have interviewed athletes on my show, they always talk about this craving or physical desire to get their bodies working.

 Sonia O’Sullivan two years ago when I interviewed her talk about her body needing to run or exercise in some form and I remember thinking I don’t quite get this!? I didn’t fully understand the body craving exercise. I obviously knew the benefits of exercising and liked seeing the results when I put my mind to it, but didn’t appreciate ‘the craving.’ As I mentioned before I was always moderately active, in my 20’s and 30’s I went to the gym a few times a week but after my daughter arrived I didn’t have a regular exercise routine. 

I do remember when I trained for the Women’s Mini Marathon in 2009 really enjoying it and taking it pretty seriously but I don’t remember a ‘craving to run.’ This time around however and training for this years mini marathon, last week it clicked! I got the craving. Because of jet lag coming back from Canada I didn’t get out to run for 5 days straight and I felt that need to get out and move. Like I was missing something and wanted to do it. The thing Sonia was talking about, the physical draw to get out and get the heart rate up.  

So the first run last week after taking almost a week off was tough. I found getting started really difficult, you know when your legs feel like lead. But around 7 or 8 minutes in I fell into my usual pace and started trying to focus on other things and not the actual distance I was covering. By the time I finished I felt good again and that I had taken care of that craving! Two days later, there it was again, that want to get out there and move.  

I am sure many of you training for the Women’s Mini Marathon have this sensation too, that if you miss a day you feel a bit ugh. But I think there is a difference here between your body craving the movement and guilt if you don’t get out for a run. And I would hope that all of you training realize that no matter how much you are preparing for the mini marathon you are doing a great job and that guilt should never come into the picture.    

So until next week, as we are getting ever closer to the big event, I wish you the best of luck in your training and happy running!  

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