'I hope adrenalin will get me over the finish line!'

By Alison Curtis, Wednesday, 25th May 2016 | 0 comments

Since I signed up to take part in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon I have been following a couch to 10k app for my training.

I last ran the WMM in 2009 and after that, being totally honest, I didn’t keep the running up. 2 years later I had my daughter and after her arrival exercise was hit and miss. I was active but not regimented or dedicated to one particular kind of exercise.

So I thought this glorious app would be my saviour, get me totally fit and totally ready for the 10k. No bother!

I have followed it pretty well. It suggests 3 runs a week to get up to the 10K in ----- weeks. I have hit the 3, most weeks but there have been weeks whereby I only managed one run. The app started me out very gently with only a 60 second run and longer walking intervals but on week 8 it hit me with a full 20min run. I kept waiting for the damn beep to tell me to walk but the beep just never happened. And when I finally took my phone out of my pocket to look at the app 11 min had lapsed with a further 9 to go! I cried a little bit. But over the past few weeks I’ve kept going and pushing to run as much of the 20 min as possible until I (pretty much) got there!

But what I wasn’t really thinking about during the training sessions was how far I was actually going. So one day on the run I mapped it out and it was just under 6k. I got a fright, thinking ‘I feel knacked at this and there are 4 more kilometers to go on the day!’

I spoke about this with my fellow Team TodayFM’ers and everyone had the same response. Saying that the energy and adrenalin on the day will carry you the rest of the way. That the excitement of taking part with so many other women and the mindset of remembering what it felt like crossing that finish line the last time, will get you through the ‘actual 10k.’

Before the big day I plan on trying to do 2 actual 10km runs/walks. I think it will be good to for my mindset and for my body. I am looking at it as part of the whole challenge of taking part in the Women’s Mini Marathon. So if you decide to do the same good luck with it! Or if you have already done 20 of these I admire you!

Until next week as we get ever closer to the big event, happy running.

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