Joan Brady’s Orange Alert at the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon

By vhiadmin, Thursday, 11th June 2015 | 0 comments

Monday June 1st proved once again an experience…A World No. 1 event. The women of Ireland ran, jogged, and walked hand in hand with a new participant…..An Orange Weather Alert, which gave a new challenge that brought fear and excitement to many.

Jogging in my 33rd year of the Women’s Mini Marathon and proud of it, this new participant…the Orange Alert was not going to dampen my spirits or the 41 women with me on the bus.

We were well prepared. We stayed cool, to the point of looking purple at times, reminding us that we looked the same colour as the Vhi tee shirts and wondered if we would need their services after the rain, wind and prevailing artic conditions. As we ran on to the dual carriageway I thought if we drown alongside …The Orange Alert we should be eventually canonised. As we ran on, the miles suggested to our battered bodies that we were approaching another townland. Panic set in as we thought…The Orange Alert might desert us and what would we do if our new challenger for the day gave up. Then, joy oh joy, a gust of wind and hailstones turned us all on the home stretch, and we were happy again. It didn’t matter that the rain took refuge in our shoes and socks. It didn’t matter if our beautiful brown legs left trails of make-up on the roads of Dublin. What would Molly Malone say? We were geared now for the wonderful finish, not anticipated. Keep going keep going, look at the women’s tee shirts, all colours of the rainbow, bearing the names of the charities they love and cherish. We saw the winning post, we never saw…The Orange Alert again. Myself and all the other women fought for our dreams by finishing the 33rd women’s mini marathon.

I thank the organisers, volunteers, supporters and the Herald newspaper. I would also like to thank the Dundrum South Athletic club for all the good work done for another World No.1 event.

Lastly, and bravely, I salute the new participant in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon this year…..The Orange Alert. You may have spoilt the spectators comfort, but, you made my day with the wonderful women of Ireland, we faced you, the greatest challenge and won!