Keeping pace with the team

By Louise Heraghty, Thursday, 28th April 2016 | 0 comments

As we approach the May Bank Holiday weekend, sisters Annmarie & Lisa Boon are still feeling confident about their challenge of taking part in the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in just over four weeks.

It has however been difficult to find the time to increase the distance in training admits Annmarie who says “with things going on in both of our lives it’s just been very busy and the time has crept up on us quickly”. To combat this she has decided to run at lunchtime and tries to get out for 30 minutes of her hour long break. Lisa is also doing the same.

The sisters are continuing to train most evenings with their dog, Nanook but admit it’s more walking than jogging as the dog can’t keep up with the faster pace!

In total they are covering about 7-8km each day which is pretty good going at this stage.  I was slightly concerned that they may have been overdoing it -training at lunchtime and at night but once there are some recovery days included and adequate rest, it is perfectly fine to break up your exercise like this.

Luckily neither of the girls has had any injuries or pain since they started training for the 10k run. Annmarie has ongoing lower back issues for which she wears a supportive brace and she has recently taken up ‘Yogalates’ to help ease the pain (a mixture of Yoga & Pilates). “It’s a great stretching class and I feel it helps with the back pain and improves my strength”.

Although the sisters have been very consistent with their exercise schedule there will always be stumbling blocks especially around holidays. Annmarie and her husband are heading to Blarney, Co Cork for the May Bank Holiday weekend and plan to have a relaxing break but will also get some exercise while away. Her husband doesn’t run but Annmarie will make sure to get him out walking with her!

At this stage the goal is still to jog most of the route on June 6th, but Annmarie admits even if she beats last year’s (1 hour 15 minutes) time of just a few minutes she’ll be happy.

It’s true that having a running partner helps keep you motivated and the girls are proof of this and they both agree they would not train as much if they were doing it alone. So with over 4 weeks to go, I feel they are in a good place and will be feeling even more prepared when they join me and the other Team Vhi & The Herald ladies when we do a practice run of the route in a couple of weeks.

Four week Countdown – tips for walkers/joggers.

You’ve put in most of the hard work now the next four weeks will mainly be about keeping your fitness by continuing your exercise routine, staying injury free and tailoring your plan to suit your goal.

Don’t panic if you feel you haven’t covered enough kilmotres in training at this stage, you can always adapt your goal. Finishing the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon in itself is a big achievement so if you decide you want to aim for a different time or alternate between walking and jogging then that’s fine. The main thing is to enjoy it.

On the other hand if you are feeling very confident and training is going better than planned why not increase your pace a little and perhaps include some short sprints or hill runs in your session? The one thing to remember is that the body quickly adapts to exercise so if you are doing the same thing day in day out and not challenging yourself you won’t notice and improvement in fitness.

Visualisation is a great tool to help you get to the finish line. Try to forget the nerves and imagine how you will feel crossing the line at St Stephen’s Green on Bank Holiday Monday. Think about how you will celebrate and how good it will be to achieve your goal!