Nerves set in as race day nears

By vhiadmin, Thursday, 14th April 2016 | 0 comments

With just over 7 weeks to go to the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon, 24 year old Lucy Dillon would be lying if she said she wasn’t slightly nervous. However, the Operation Transformation leader has nothing to worry about as her training has been consistent and she is feeling fitter as the weeks go by.

She has been attending a Learn to Run group in Navan and at the most recent session the group ran 4km without stopping. There’s over 20 joggers and it’s mainly women but there’ a few men too and the motivation of training with the group really keeps Lucy going. She felt good after the run and didn’t have any injuries or niggles and she also said that her breathing has improved immensley –she used to be a really heavy breather which had a negative effect on her running but now her breathing it is regular and controlled.

Lucy’s fitness has definitely improved since she finished the 8 weeks on Operation Transformation and she puts this down to the fact that she now enjoys exercise and doesn’t see it as a chore but also because there is a little less pressure and she doesn’t have cameras following her around.

In saying that, even though Lucy lost an amazing 1st 10.5lbs during her time on the RTÉ Television show, her weight had pleateaued when the show finished. So,  determined to get focused again the mum of one decided to kick start and lost 3 and a half pounds last week. “I would love to have another stone off by the time the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon comes around” says Lucy who realises that in addition to looking and feeling great, shedding the pounds also improves her running.

Nobody can be perfect all of the time when it comes to exercise and diet but Lucy now knows the importance of moderation and keeping everything balanced. She said she is making the right choices food wise and sure she has had a few nights out but the exercise and fitness has helped combat any increase in weight.

Ahead of her new job with Meath Sports Partnership Lucy is feeling really excited about getting away from a sedentary lifestyle and being engaged in sporting activities around the region.

Her specially fitted runners are helping with training and her feet feel much better with the insoles designed for high arches. Lucy plans to run the June 6th 10k with a few friends incuding one of her best friends Emma who is just home from Australia. The girls train together “ we do most things together” says Lucy so the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon can be another thing to add to the list.

Of course Lucy’s one a half year old daugther Molly will be there to cheer her on along with her partner Conor who has been so supportive.

I would advise Lucy to start to think about increasing the distance of her runs soon. The group she is training with is aiming to complete a 5k race in Kells in May but then she needs to slowly build to a 10km herself. As always it is best to do this gradually. Don’t think about going from 5-10km in one week, build up distance each session by an extra 5 minutes or half a kilometre. It’s all about interval training and your body getting used to longer runs but if you do too much too soon you could risk injury and fatigue and could really be put off achieving your goal.

Lucy will have the chance to experince the 10k distance next month as herself and some of the other Operation Transformation leaders will take part in a charity race in Limerick in memory of fellow OT leader Claire Scanlan’s son Darra who died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  

“It will be a good chance to reconnect with the group but also to get a sense of how covering the 10km feels” says Lucy who is certainly on the right track and I’m sure will have no problem achieving her Team Vhi & Herald target.