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Online Entry closes today Sunday 26th April....There is still time to get your entry in for this year’s Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon.  Enter online today at or enter using an entry form which was available in the Herald on Saturday 25th April 2015.

You can decide to walk, jog or run on your own or with a group. Why not get a group of your friends together or get a group from the office to form a team.  It’s a great way to achieve your fitness goal for 2015 and there’s still plenty of time to improve your fitness level and be ready for 1st June 2015.

Walk at your own pace or set a time you would like to complete the race in. There’s plenty of help available so why not follow the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon Support Team, Louise Heraghty for training and David Gillick for Nutrition.  You will find their advice weekly in the Herald, you can also download the VhiWmm app on Android or App Store or you can view the weekly plans on

If you decide to enter the fast joggers or joggers categories and don’t have a qualifying time yet, enter your correct category and get your official qualifying time to us before Wednesday 13th May. You can get an official qualifying time at any Saturday Park Run which you can enter for free  Any 5k official timed races will suffice and will be accepted; fast joggers must have a time of under 30 minutes and for joggers it’s under 40 minutes. If you have an official qualifying time for any 10k you have run over the last three years that will also be accepted for the jogger’s categories (fast joggers in under 75 minutes or joggers in under 100 minutes).

To qualify for the runner’s category you can use a finish time from 2012, 2013 or 2014 in any officially timed 10k (under 60 minutes for runners).  

Remember time is running out….so don’t delay…enter today