'The staff at St Luke's were so good to mam'

By Brenda McCormick, Tuesday, 10th May 2016 | 0 comments

Anne Owens for Finglas, will be doing the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon for St Luke’s Hospital.

My mam had been suffering with pains in her back for a couple of years. She went to the doctor a few times and they just gave her antibiotics, thinking it was a kidney infection. Then they thought it was a bladder infection. The doctor eventually sent her to hospital to get it investigated. They thought it was a cyst at first but it ended up being a tumour. It was leaning on all the organs, which was causing the pain. She had a biopsy done and ended up with an infection which put her in ICU. They sent her home for a month after that before she went to St Luke’s for her treatment for the tumour.

That was seven years ago. She was in St Luke’s for about six weeks. She’d stay in Monday to Friday and they’d send her home Friday till Sunday. It was a stage three tumour so the treatment was quite intensive. They couldn’t give her chemo because the kidneys were damaged so we were just banking on the radiotherapy and, thank God, it worked. She’ll be 82 now this year in October.

The nurses in St Luke’s, I have to say they really look after you. I have never witnessed such care in my life. They’re fantastic and mam got such good care. She had some treatments and when came back from them she’d have to be put on a drip. They’re used to be four nurses around her, looking after her. She sailed through her treatment and really they couldn’t do enough for her.

When she was in there, to me, she was half dead after the infection she’d had. We thought we’d lost her at one point in the hospital, she’d lost a couple of stone in the space of a few days as they tried to treat her before they knew what the problem was. Thank God she pulled she through. She’s doing great now, she’s one of the lucky ones. She has a great attitude though, which is half the battle I think.

Since then I’ve done the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon to raise money for St Luke’s. The first and second year I did it on my own, then my sister-in-law did it with me the following year. She changes her charities but I always do it for St Luke’s because I have to say I’d do it on my hands and knees for them, they were so good to my mam.

The Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is such a good day. Everyone pushes everyone else on. There are so many charities it’s great. I usually walk and run it. Normally I’d get out a bit walking in the few weeks beforehand for training but I don’t think it really matters. On the day you just push yourself and everyone else helps you along. It’s fantastic.