Vhi Herald Team Rachel & Isabel - Coming back from illness

By vhiadmin, Monday, 3rd April 2017 | 0 comments

Rachel and Isabel Brown will be running the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon together on June 5th, it will be their second time competing as they first took part in the event in 2015.

Both mother and daughter lead very active lives so already have a good fitness base as they prepare for the 10km run.

Isabel took her foot off the pedal recently as she was sick for around two weeks but is back to normal now. Sensibly she decided to take a break from exercise while she was ill to allow for a natural recovery.

Her main focus these past few weeks has been on eating healthily and getting plenty of sleep. She is now walking and staying active and is doing some low intensity gym sessions. The 23 year old student plans to run around 5k or slightly more this weekend as she doesn’t want to overdo it. “I have in the past tried to push through illness and am then floored so I am going to try to mind myself a little better this time round”.

Inevitably all training plans get interrupted from time to time due to illness, holidays or just the struggles of everyday life, and the only way to recover is to rest. It is often tempting to train when you are not feeling well but it will only hamper your progress and prevent you from feeling better.

Isabel has run half marathons and 10k’s in the past so endurance won’t be a problem for her. She has also been doing a lot of weight training recently so her leg strength will further benefit her Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon training.

Isabel’s mum Rachel has had a very active couple of weeks. The avid cyclist took off to the southwest for her birthday (as a treat organised by Isabel) and, along with her husband Simon, completed the 175km Ring of Kerry route! The couple were on their bikes for almost 8 hours in total so cardio fitness certainly isn’t a worry ahead of June 5th.

Rachel is however easing into her running plan, and her main aim at the moment is to strengthen her leg and glute muscles in order to prevent injury and correct her alignment(an in depth scan revealed that her left leg was slightly longer than her right so she has been doing exercises to help build up the right side and get used to running in her new, neutral trainers).

The rehabilitation exercises Rachel has been doing in the gym include bridge lifts, leg raises and ankle exercises using resistance bands. As well as cycling at the weekends she has been doing spinning classes, Pilates to help build her core and resistance training in the gym.

The only concern I would have for Rachel is that she might burn herself out. She is currently studying to be a fitness instructor at UCD. Although there are many lectures involved there is also a lot of practical work on the course. “We had a two day Pilates workshop, which initially I thought was a bit daunting but then realised it took a lot of tension out of my body”. 

Rachel, who hopes to be qualified by the time the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon comes around, would love to get into personal trainin,g specifically working with women in their 40’s or 50’s who perhaps think that they have lost their fitness. As a mum of five she says she has never felt fitter in her life!

“I managed to cycled 175km the day after turning 51 and would love other women to feel the same!”

It will be a busy couple of months for Rachel with exams the first two weeks of May. She is slightly worried this may interfere with her training but getting out for a couple of jogs will certainly help clear her head and ease exam stress.

So with over two months to go to June 5th I am confident that both Rachel and Isabel will have enough training under their belts to be able to achieve their goal of running the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon together. In the meantime keeping up cardio fitness and staying injury-free are their main priorities, they are both very fit, active and healthy and setting a great example for the thousands of women taking part.