Vhi Herald Team Rachel & Isabel - Training In Full Swing

By vhiadmin, Tuesday, 18th April 2017 | 0 comments

Rachel Brown and her daughter Isabel will be running the 2017 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon together on June 5th. It will be the pair’s second time to complete the event and although they both already lead very active lives, they are hoping to dedicate more time to running over the next seven weeks.


Isabel had been doing a lot of weight lifting exercises in preparation for a college Intervarsities competition (she’s currently a student at Trinity College). She came third in the Powerlifting competition and even managed to get a personal best in every lift!


Now that she has time to commit to training for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon she managed to do two 5k runs recently and plans to do more over the next couple of days. “The first 5k I did in 29 minutes exactly, and half of it was uphill. I needed headspace and left the house in a bad mood but, thanks to the combination of endorphins and the sunshine, I came home a new woman”.


It was a busy couple of weeks for Isabel as not only did she reach a milestone in her Powerlifting competition she also reached a milestone age and celebrated turning 20 with two cakes and plenty of family celebrations. “It was a week full of family, food and exercise. All the things that make me happy!”


Overall she is feeling pretty confident of running 10km on June 5th in good time and is looking forward to getting more training in with her mum as they haven’t had a chance to run together yet.


Rachel had been easing back into running with interval training. She has been training every 2-3 days, starting off with a 5 minute warm up walk then running for 1 minute and walking for 1 minute 30 - repeating this until she felt she was comfortable on the runs.


“I can now run 5km in 36 minutes which is a pace of around 7 minutes, 19 secs? per km. I’m quite happy with this time as I am only 4 minutes slower than Isabel’s pace and with 7 weeks to go I am hopeful that I can bridge the gap”. Rachel plans to increase her running durations over the next couple of weeks.


Otherwise she is working hard at the gym to build up her strength and includes exercises like glute bridgecalf strength,  squats and pull ups. Rachel says she’s enjoying the running but she admits that it is difficult to juggle all of the demands on her time. The busy mum is currently studying to become a fitness instructor at UCD. She is also a keen cyclist and likes to get out for at least one long cycle at the weekend. “ Planning my training is like a full time job!” she admits.


Just like Isabel, Rachel enjoys the mental health benefits of running and loves how it makes her feel. “I had a very restorative run on Saturday morning. After having had a late night I woke early and couldn’t get back to sleep. I got up and ran along the beach. I had woken up, dressed, ran and was back home eating my porridge all before 9am! It transformed how I felt and was reminded of how great it is to run”.