'We buddy up for motivation'

By vhiadmin, Wednesday, 6th April 2016 | 0 comments

Annmarie & Lisa Boon are proving that training as a team does pay off as they are continuing to exercise almost every night. The sisters, from Ringsend have walked the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon many times in the past but are determined that this year they will jog as much of the route as possible.

They have started to include a bit of running so are mixing it up with 5 minute intervals of walking and 5 minutes of jogging. Annmarie said “we are covering around 4 to 4.5km a night now and really enjoying it, although it is certainly tougher than just walking!  I haven’t ran in a while but we are setting a goal to get through as much of the 10km as possible as joggers!”.

The girls route takes them around Sandymount strand and part of the run is on the beach which I explained has great benefits because running on sand has much less impact on joints than running on hard surfaces, on the other hand it is tougher to run on the beach but it will make road running that bit easier. Annmarie suffers with lower back pain and although she wears a supportive brace to ease the pain, running on the sand shouldn’t cause too much extra stress. It is advised however that if you experience any pain during running you should see a doctor or physio who will recommend the best approach.  

It obviously helps with motivation that there is a pair of them in it but Annemarie said if it wasn’t for the Nanook (the pet husky who joins them on the nightly session) it would be tougher to train. “Nanook is a great incentive, every night we hear him howling the back door to get him out so we have no excuses!”

The ladies got fitted with new trainers when they signed up for Team Vhi & Herald and have really seen the improvement – “ they are so comfortable and I never feel any pain since I started wearing the new runners” says Annmarie who suffers with flat feet and didn’t realise how much she needed the support for her ankles.

Both girls have also started to make small changes in other aspects of life not just with training, like using the stairs instead of the lift at work – and they are certainly noticing an improvement in overall fitness and energy.

A difficulty facing anyone who works long hours is staying motivated but as the girls have noticed with the brighter evenings it is really not as bad and there will be even better conditions between now and June (we hope!).

So with just over 8 weeks to go to the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon Annmarie and Lisa are feeling good and excited about achieving their goal. Being familiar with the route gives them a head start too and the plan is for all Team Vhi & Herald members to complete it once before June 6th so that they’ll be even more confident on the day itself.