Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon - Open for Entries

The 2015 Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is officially open for entries from Wednesday 11th February. Over 40,000 participants are expected to walk, jog or run the 10K route through Dublin city on Monday, 1st June 2015. David Gillick, Louise Heraghty and Maeve Higgins revealed as 2015 Vhi Experts. 

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This is your World Cup final - so lace up!

It’s already time to dig out the trainers for the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon. Yes, even if you’re still feeling the (delayed) effects of Christmas. I know plenty of houses that have a selection box or two tucked away on top of a kitchen press for desperate moments!  In the interests of full disclosure, I still have a bag of plastic sweets left over from Halloween. From time to time I feel the lure of their sweetness. I’m thinking of tying them, like a carrot on a stick, to hurry me along with my training for the mini marathon.

Everyone is in with a chance to win a Nissan Micra

With entries now open, the countdown is on, and remember, everyone who enters for the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon is in with a chance to win a Nissan Micra.  (It’s not the winner’s prize!)